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Day 4: Monday


sunny 24 °C

8:30: I've flooded the bathroom! And it's leaked into the hallway! Turns out if you shower for too long, the shower basin overflows and as I take really long showers it overflowed into the bathroom and then into the hallway. I noticed the puddle in the bathroom as soon as I got out of the shower, but it was only when I opened the bathroom door and found most of the family in the hallway mopping up the water did I realize quite how far the flood had spread. Slightly embarassing to say the least.

I spent the entire morning working with another teacher, with a nursery group. All the of the children were 6 or 7 years old, and they had already learnt many of the basics, like colours, numbers, body parts, and classroom objects. We played games with them, and sang lots of songs like 'The Wheels on The Bus' and 'Abracadaba, Abracadi, A Teacher for You and Me'. It was fun to do, but I couldn't really see too much point in me being there becuase I wasn't able to talk to the children as there English was no where near good enough. I suppose it helps for them to hear different English accents.

After lunch, I spend the first half hour reading stories to a group of 7 and 8 year olds. This would have been a complete nightmare was it not for one little girl in the class who spoke perfect English (her father is American). She spent the entire time translating what I was saying to the other children and what they were saying to me.

After this I had two more groups. Both groups were with 10-11 year olds, and we just talked about basic things like what there were going to do in their holidays (school finishes on the 24th), and what were there favourite subjects at school etc.

After the break I then had a group of adults. This was defiately the most interesting group of the day. Their English was excellent and they had lots of questions and things they wanted to talk about which made my life easier. Normally I'm stood at the front going "Lets talk about ... ummm ....", unable to think of anything to say. I think the worst groups are the teenagers or adults who don't speak very much English becuase at least with the little kids you can sing songs and play silly games with them, or talk about their pets, or family, but with the older groups they obviously don't want to play games, and they get very bored talking about pets so you are completely stuck.

Finally, time for home, where no doubt I will the plied with more horrbile tasting concoctions in a vague attempt to rid me of my cough.

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