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Day ?: Tuesday

Lessons on the beach

sunny 22 °C

Relax, relax and relax

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Day 8: Friday

The long, hot night

sunny 20 °C

15 hours on a train

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Day 7: Thurday

The Wheels on the Bus ...

sunny 24 °C


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Day 6: Wednesday

All the Seasons In One Day

all seasons in one day 22 °C

Yet another visit to a kindgarten this morning, but thankfully no renditions of 'the wheels on the bus' this time. Instead they wanted to show me around the kindergarten because it had recieved some prize for being the freindliest school towards foreigners in Poland, and it is certainly the friendlist I have visited so far. The different classes all sang Polish songs for me, and we did some short lessons teaching them the names of exotic animals.

In Poland this is the year of culture and tradition, and in a buiding in the playground the teachers and children have created scenes showing all of the different important festivals throughout the year, from harvest to Christmas and New Year and then Easter. They have some wonderful displays that show the different traditional foods that are eaten at the different times of year. As well as things like wreaths made from corn at harvest time, and painted eggs for Christmas. As we are leaving the teachers give me two huge roses made from paper that they have made. They say the one is for me and one is to give to my mum's nursery school from a Polish nursery school.

After lunch, yet more cucumber soup, I had a fairly sedate afternoon with a few classes, and not much to do.

Not only did I get to see all of the different seasons in the classroom, but outside the weather has been crazy today as well. Glorious sunshine first thing this morning, then while we were looking round the display at the school the heavens opened and it absolutely poured with rain. When we left it was still raining heavily, but as we approached town it stopped, and it turns out it hadn't rained at all in town...nothing but blue skies. Very stange ...

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Day 5: Tuesday

Yellow dogs and players

sunny 26 °C

Yet more kindergarten classes this morning, and yet more singing hideously out of tune. now my singing is not great at the best of times, as any of my friends or family will testify, but the hacking cough I am currently plagued with has reduced my singing from barly tolerable to completely horrendous, and liable to deafen anyone within a ten block radius. I am really quite glad that I can't understand a word of Polish becuase I would bet anything that these children are laughing about how awful my singing is, either that or asking how much longer they have to put up with it for.

I had a completely uneventful afternoon of classes with 10-15 year olds, apart from a couple of comedy moments when one of my students, when asked whether he had any pets, told me he had a "yellow dog". Another student in a different class, when asked the same question, told me she had a baby brother. Finally, I was asking the younger ones what they wanted to be when they were older, to which one replied " I want to be a player"!

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